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The Best Cat Food – Raw

If one were to design and formulate the best cat food from scratch (no pun intended…), that food would unquestionably be raw. Further, the diet would be predominately meat and organs to mimic what is consumed by felines in a wild/natural setting.

It is the genetic expectation of cats to subsist on raw prey. Accordingly, to claim that any heat processed diet – such as dry or canned diets – could possibly be the best cat food is without sound rationale.

Wysong Archetype™ fits the criteria described above perfectly. Archetype™ is TNT™ (True Non-Thermally) processed, meaning that it is not cooked at any stage of production. Archetype™ is 99+% meat and organs, and also contains appropriate amounts of bone, essential fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, plant nutrients, vital micronutrients and more! You can think of Archetype™ as a natural prey meal recreated in your cat’s food bowl.

Augmenting your cat’s diet with raw foods is a must. In not doing so, your cat is missing out on what is, bar none, the best cat food – high meat and fat content, little or no starches/carbohydrates, and vital nutrients not compromised by the rigors of traditional high heat pet food processing.

The original Wysong raw diet for dogs and cats. A superior raw dog and cat diet.